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YEEC AFRICA has diagnosed that the two biggest challenges that inhibit the involvement of young people in entrepreneurial ventures are: lack of funding and the high cost of raising start-off capital. The sad reality is that the business of many young people are often credit constrained and access to finance remains a critical hindrance to their growth as they are notably by-passed by capital fund providers because of their risk perception. Apply

These challenges can herald very negative implications on the development of entrepreneurship in Nigeria and Africa. Apply

To address this problem, YEEC AFRICA is set to offer seed capital support to young entrepreneurs to offset the hurdle of sourcing initial funds to start off and grow their business enterprise. Apply

YEEC AFRICA will primarily provide sensitization and training on Entrepreneurship Development which will culminate in the release of substantial funds in the form of nonrefundable Seed Money to qualified entrepreneurs to kick start and grow their business ventures. This fund programme is known as the YEEC SEED CAPITAL FUND. Apply

YEEC Seed Capital Fund is initiated to alleviate the funding constraints of young entrepreneurs and to enhance the deployment of their ingenuity and resourcefulness for maximum economic development through entrepreneurship. Apply

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