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Basic Book-Keeping and Marketing for Small Business Owners

Basic Book-Keeping and Marketing for Small Business Owners

Transitioning from small business (startup) to established business takes more than being goal-oriented and having the drive to succeed. In fact, poor accounting is one of the top reasons businesses fail. As a small business owner, marketing helps match products and services to customers who want access to those products.

Bookkeeping involves the recording, on a daily basis, of a company’s financial transactions, and it is important for budgeting, tax preparation, business analysis, decision making and effective planning.

Marketing on the other hand, ensures you stay in business as a business owner. It has to do with all the processes in between identifying your target market and drawing the customers’ attention to the product or service available.

At the workshop, the necessity of basic bookkeeping skills for business owners will be analyzed and integrated into everyday activity.

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